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Gourmet, 2004 portion of the Letter from the Editor, Ruth Reichl, Editor in Chief

picture of article in magazineAround here, we blame it on the solar oven. When the call came asking if we’d like to try the experimental new product, we all groaned. We know the whole sad story about these New Age devices, about how they sound great but never really work. Then the thing arrived and we immediately saw that we’d been right: It was a flimsy plastic box, weighing almost nothing. How good could it possibly be?

Nevertheless, food editor Alexis Touchet dutifully took the solar oven home and tried it out. To her surprise—and ours—she loved it. For weeks, Alexis went around buttonholing people in the halls, extolling the oven’s virtues to any of us willing to listen. It was light, it was easy to use, and it worked perfectly. And, by the way, had she mentioned that the people who manufacture the oven had made thousands of them available to developing countries with limited fuel? (She had.) . . . .

Gourmet Magazine article on the Sport Solar Cooker, January, 2005

picture of article in magazineSolar oven. With electric and gas prices climbing, turning to the sun is an increasingly appealing idea. Made of lightweight plastic, this oven, from the Solar Oven Society is easy to carry out to your deck or patio. It’s also incredibly simple to use—just put the food in the pot (two are included) and let it cook, with no stirring needed. Our food editors made a tuna provencale, and now they can’t stop thinking about all the other slow-cooked possibilities. Best of all, since a sunny day is required to use the oven, you get to be outdoors enjoying the fresh air rather than stuck in the kitchen.


Photo of magazine covers

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